Welcome to Kindergarten!


Our kindergarten classroom has a fun, colorful, and bright environment. We love showing off our work, so our walls are filled with our best writing, assessments, and art projects. We have lots of learning materials and resources at hand. We sometimes get loud and that is ok! We make sure to maintain our organization skills and we still have fun as we learn. 

Kindergarten Education

Our day will always begin with prayer. We pray for our school, our families, and the day we have ahead of us. We then have a morning meeting, where we go over the letter and number of the day, the date, the weather, and we all answer a fun question about ourselves. Bible is our first subject and it is always wonderful to learn about Jesus and our relationship with Him. We then continue with handwriting, where we make sure we are learning to write legibly and in order. Language is filled with reading, phonics, writing, and more reading! We have Math, Science, and Social Studies classes as well which are filled with fun activities and worksheets. Music is a big part of our class, since we learn many songs that go with the themes of our classes. We use learning centers so that we have a variety of activities and more time in small groups with the teacher. There is so much to learn and explore as a kindergartener, and it is definitely happening in our classroom.

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