What will your students’ learning look like in the fall?

With the latest announcement from the governor, we will likely start the school year with distance learning, until Los Angeles County is removed from the watch list. We begin much later than most schools, and since we are scheduled to start school in September, we may be able to avoid distance learning and begin school with a hybrid model.

How many days will students be on campus?

Our hybrid model, uses the following schedule:

  • K – 2nd will be on campus M-Th., with 1 day for distance learning.
  • 3rd – 5th will be on campus T, Th, F with distance learning for 2 days.
  • 6th -8th will be on campus M,W, F with distance learning for 2 days

This staggered schedule allows for no more than 2/3 of the classes to be on campus at one time. This makes it easier to monitor and manage the students that are on campus.

What if I do not want my child on campus?

If you choose to keep your child at home, students may participate in distance learning rather than come on campus. Parents will make this decision for their child.

What can I expect with Distance Learning?

Students will be expected to participate in classes and attendance will be taken daily.

Will there be a hot lunch program on campus?

We are looking to use an outside company to provide lunch. They will meet all health requirements. There will be no food preparation on campus. This includes food brought from home and allowing any staff member to reheat any lunches for students.

What will my child need for Distance Learning?

All students will need an electronic device as a learning tool: Chromebook, laptop, iPad. Smartphones are not considered an effective learning device.


  • Kindergarten: Wednesday, September 9.
  • 1st -5th grade: Thursday, September 10.
  • 6th -8th Friday, September 11.

All grades will begin. Thursday, September 10, with Distance Learning until cleared by the LA Health Dept.

What are the expectations for health, safety, and cleaning?

Every student’s temperature will be checked upon entry.

Masks must be worn by all staff and students while on campus.

6’ distancing will be used and the standard for students on campus

Routine cleaning will take place in the classrooms, restrooms and high areas of contact.

Arrival on Campus

Students’ arrival on campus will be determined by the grade they are in. We will be staggering the entry times to minimize contact with one another. If you have a child in multiple grades, bring the student with the earlier start time along with the other siblings. No need for you to wait for the later start times.

  • K – 2nd will begin classes at 8:40 and may arrive after 8:30
  • 3rd – 5th will begin classes at 8:30 and may arrive after 8:20
  • 6th – 8th will begin classes at 8:20 and may arrive after 8:10

Programs & Tuition

Daycare Program

Daycare will be open from 7:00-8:00 in the morning

Students will be dismissed and directed to the classroom at 8:00am.

It will be open after dismissal until 6:00pm.

Only parents who have signed their child up early for daycare will be allowed to attend. No drop-ins will be allowed until further notice.

Sports, Choir, Music, and PE Programs

All these programs will be suspended until further notice.

Will tuition be discounted with Distance Learning or hybrid learning?

We believe Trinity will provide one of the best educations for your child whether in class or with distance learning. Our teachers provide an unmatched education for your child and there is not a drop in the quality of education. Therefore, it is not necessary to provide a tuition discount for state mandated distance learning or a hybrid schedule. We are a self-sufficient entity, so we do not have a larger organization or the government behind us to provide the necessary funds to help us weather financial storms. If you are encountering financial difficulties, please contact the school office to learn more about tuition assistance options that might be available.