Admission Requirements

Prior to first day of attendance the following requirements must be met:

  • The child must be at least two and a half years old.
  • The child must be toilet trained (defined as unassisted restroom use)
  • The following forms must be completed, signed, and returned:
    • Student Enrollment Form
    • Personal Rights – Community Care Facilities and Child Day Care Facilities Form
    • Notification of Parent’s Rights receipt
    • Child’s Pre-admission Health History – Parents Report Form
    • Identification and Emergency Information Form
    • Consent for Medical Treatment
    • Consent to Photograph Form
  • The Report of Heath Examination for School Entry medical form must be completed and signed by a doctor or health practitioner. Required immunizations must be up to date and listed. Immunizations required for a child over 18 months but less than 48 months of age are:
    • POLIO 3 doses
    • DTP/Td 4 doses
    • MMR 1 dose
    • HIB 1 dose
    • HEP B 3 doses
    • VARICELLA 1 dose
    • TB Negative within the past year